Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

The Practical Solution

Why are mosaic tiles a practical solution in the bathroom? One thing all bathrooms have in common is that their floors get wet. When choosing bathroom floor coverings, this is something that always has to be kept in mind. Textured surface floor tiles help, but because of their small size, mosaic tiles can provide an even more slip-resistant surface. For example, use them on your shower floor and you may be able do away with the necessity of covering your beautiful tiles with a shower mat.

Do you have a bath mat or non-slip bathroom area rug on the floor at the foot of your bathtub? If so, you know how much maintenance it requires. Why not create a mosaic tile area rug instead? You can make an intricate design or use mosaic tiles around the perimeter of a foot-massaging pebble tile floor mat.

Using Mosaic Tiles

Many interior designers view walls as canvases and tiles are the medium with which they paint. Looked at this way, you can see infinite creative possibilities for mosaic tiles. Using standard tiles, you can create your background and then use mosaics to fill in the picture. Used as capping or a framework, mosaics highlight and accentuate the beauty of natural stone tiles. If you feel the wall tiles in your existing bathroom are becoming tired and monotonous looking, you don’t necessarily have to replace them all. Carefully chip out some tiles and replace them with mosaics. You’ll be amazed by the difference it can make.

Use mosaic tiles for your vanity splash-back, as window framing or for your bathtub surround. The best part is that if the tiles lose their shiny finish after awhile you can always find someone to perform a tile reglazing process to give it its shine back.  Use them wherever you want to highlight a feature of your bathroom or create interest in an otherwise uninspiring area of the room. The more you think about using mosaic tiles in the bathroom, the more creative ideas you will come up with.

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