Glazing Process

The Glazing Process

If you have been thinking about having your bathtub refinished, you might want to become acquainted with the process. Even if you are having your bathtub reglazing done by a professional, you should still be knowledgeable on the subject, just so that you can know what to expect.

Before your bath can be reglazed, it should be first prepared by having a thorough cleaning. This can be done using a variety of wax-stripping and acid agents. Then, caulk will be removed from around the tub and the drain will also be removed. Also, fixtures and other areas will be taped in order to be protected from the applied glaze. Fiberglass putty may be used to fill in spots on the surface of the bathtub, which will be allowed to dry and then the surface is sanded. Next, a bonding agent is applied and let dry. Once the bonding agent is dry, the installer will coat the bathtub with enamel.

What About Refinishing?

Time and time again, I have come across questions online that are very puzzling. You wouldn’t believe how many people have asked, Is bathtub refinishing a scam? Although I am poised to wonder why someone would question something like this, I suppose it is understandable that many are weary of something that is such a quick fix.

Since this procedure claims to make your bathtub like new again, there are some who do not understand that this is a process which involves reglazing. I suppose it is a matter of becoming educated on the subject, and learning the steps that are needed to bring an old and dingy bathtub up to a standard that you would love to live with. The best way to go about researching this procedure would be to contact experts who do this specific job. Also, learning more about what this process entails will help you realize exactly what goes on during the refinishing process, and will answer many of the questions that you have.

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