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What is reglazing?

Bathtub reglazing is a process that allows you to get a new look for your bathroom without hefty prices. Basically, it consists in applying a new paint coat to your existing bathtub, a procedure that can be done either by a professional or as a DIY job. There are several basic things one should know about bathtub reglazing before starting such a home repair procedure.

First of all, you need to decide whether or not you should even spend the time and money to refinish your bathroom.

Bath refinish projects should always begin with cleaning all surfaces and repairing the chips and scratches that give the tub an unpleasant look. Keep in mind that a successful bathtub reglazing generally depends on how well these preliminary stages of the job have been completed.

Preparing the tub for applying a new coat is very important and it should be done according to the material from which the tub is built. For example, fiberglass tubs with acrylic or gel coats require some sanding for preparation, while enamel and porcelain ones will require etching.

After finishing the preliminary preparation, you can finally reglaze the tub. Remember that not all bathtubs come in the same contours and shapes and that you should choose the proper finishing technique for your tub. Rolling and spraying are two of the most common techniques you can use for refinishing. When it comes to materials, acrylic and primers are the most used materials which can be seen and purchased from our friends over at Superior Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Rockford.

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How effective is reglazing?

If you wonder how durable a bathtub reglazing is, you should know that this generally depends on the techniques and materials employed. If you want the new coat to last for more than 20 years, you can consider using  thermal bond cross-linked acrylic resins, which are very sturdy. This resistant material is nonporous and colorfast, offering good result that last for a very long period of time.

Different refinishing materials offer various levels of durability and generally the best ones you can choose are those employed by industrial reglazing systems. Some of them include urethane and polyurethane based materials, as well as acrylic based topcoats. You can also choose to reglaze your tub with paints, but you should be aware of the fact that they tend to come off extremely easily.

Bathtub reglazing is a cost-effective procedure of giving your bathroom a fresh look, mainly because it does not involve additional costs that may occur when you decide to replace the bathtub. When doing this, you will also need to consider the costs for demolition and the damage to the tiles and walls. This are the main reasons it is cheaper to increase the lifetime of the tub with a reglazing process.

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